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What our clients have to say

Our clients strive to alleviate pain and inflammation, improving their patients' quality of life. Hear what they have to say about CureWave.

Dr. J. Matthew Burnett

Clinical Director

Legacy Medical Centers

"To date I have treated hundreds of patients, with a wide variety of conditions and found the laser to be superior in soft tissue healing, neurological conditions, and pain modification. The results greatly outperform any current lasers on the market, and the pro athletes I work with daily have deemed it the ‘super laser.'"


Sean Penn

Retired Linebacker

Dallas Cowboys

"The CureWave Laser helped me heal quicker and got me back on the field faster…The laser helped me work out at a high level and recover quicker. Not only did the laser help me stay on the field and compete at a higher level, but it also helped in my decision process to further my career."



Anne S.

Medical Patient

CureWave Lasers Client

"I am 62 years old and in good condition. I had injured my knee one evening and could not put any pressure on my left leg. I was introduced to an office that had a CureWave Laser. I had 4 treatments and was back to 100%. No prescriptions, no shots, just a few short treatments and I was healed."