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Proprietary Healing Power with Industry-Leading ROI

CureWave (CW) Lasers offers a breakthrough treatment option for individuals suffering from chronic pain, soreness, inflammation, soft tissue issues, and orthopedic and sports injuries. With the use of patented and proprietary wavelengths, our laser system delivers infrared energy to damaged and inflamed soft tissue, providing a unique and effective treatment solution. This groundbreaking technology provides limitless opportunities for patients and healthcare providers globally, and we are thrilled to offer our unwavering support.

CureWave Technology Differentiators

CureWave Lasers provide a revolutionary solution for chronic pain, inflammation, and soft tissue issues using advanced infrared wavelengths. These precise wavelengths allow the CW beam to bypass any significant absorption when it passes through the patient's skin (melanin) or fluids (hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin).

By diffusing the beam profile and keeping it at a safe distance from the skin, our system prevents tissue damage and promotes a remarkably fast healing process. The more treatments your patients receive, the more consistent and life-changing their relief.

Discover the remarkable benefits of CW laser technology

With the cutting-edge CW laser, providers can go deeper into the tissue, surpassing all other lasers in the market. This allows them to effectively repair the entire damaged or inflamed area, going beyond just treating superficial sites, for increased healing and patient happiness.


Lasers are 10 to 46,000 times more powerful than other lasers on the market
Lasers achieve 7 to 25 times deeper penetration
Laser avoids melanin absorption from predicate wavelengths
Laser avoids hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin absorption by 450% over other wavelengths
Continuous Wave & Smart Power Output

Our CW laser technology stands out from other laser systems on the market due to its superior power and ability to penetrate deeper into tissue. However, what truly sets our technology apart is its unwavering commitment to safety for both patients and providers. Through the use of a pulsing beam and a safe energy delivery system, we ensure that the output remains below the Thermal Relaxation Time (TRT) of the Dermis. This crucial parameter determines the maximum duration of treatment at a certain level to prevent potential tissue damage or burns.

By delivering energy to tissue in pulsing pulses at the right wavelength rather than a continuous beam, we guarantee safe and effective treatment that reaches all connected tissue in the injured area. Our system not only reinforces healthy cells but also effectively supports any damaged areas, promoting improved healing and faster recovery.

Our Laser Treatment

For each patient, a single chronic injury typically necessitates a 10-15 minute session. However, if the injury is more extensive or if there are multiple conditions, the session may extend up to 30 minutes. In the case of acute injuries, the treatment frequency can range from three sessions per week to as many as two treatments per day. These treatments can be completed within a few days or weeks, depending on the severity of the injury.

The CureWave Laser provides an established treatment protocol for each specified condition. Once the treatment begins, the patient will experience a warming sensation in the targeted area, such as the injured or strained muscle. As the laser treatment progresses, damaged cells actively draw in more laser energy, causing the most severe area of the condition to rapidly heat up in comparison to the surrounding tissue.

After each treatment, patients will begin to experience a wide range of benefits and advantages, including:

Less pain and soreness
Better range of motion
Increased abilities
Enhanced well-being
Improved sleep patterns
Less medications
Greater quality of life

Together, let's revolutionize the chronic pain industry

Chronic pain and orthopedic conditions that are difficult to treat will continue to be a prevalent issue. However, not all treatments involve relying on long-term medications or invasive surgeries. CureWave offers a solution to this problem, making it worth considering adding CureWave Lasers to your practice's offerings. Our laser technology, protected by patents and exclusive to us, has the power to enhance patient satisfaction, increase practitioner ROI, and shape a brighter future for everyone involved. Take the leap today and experience the benefits for yourself with a complimentary demonstration and trial of our laser.