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Using Advanced Technology to Better Your Patient’s Condition and Overall Well-Being

The CureWave Laser System is a non-invasive laser therapy device that’s transforming treatment for acute and chronic pain, in a wide range of intractable conditions. Practitioners know how difficult it can be to offer meaningful solutions to patients for the treatment of chronic pain. The CureWave Laser is a proven, effective, and versatile alternative that may reduce pharmaceutical intake and surgical therapies to improve your treatment outcomes and patient care.

The CureWave Laser System reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and speeds up tissue recovery time, providing your patients with genuine relief.

This infrared laser system uses laser technology to deliver photonic energy to injured and inflamed areas of the body. The CureWave Laser occupies the low peak absorption levels of Melanin, Hemoglobin, or Oxyhemoglobin allowing the energy to penetrate deeper, safer, and with less scatter on the tissue. Many times this results in improved healing time and faster wellness for the patient.

Adding a CureWave Laser will improve your patient care options and provide relief to treat patients’ pain and inflammation while avoiding any additional pharmaceutical intake.

Since the CureWave laser is using the body’s natural healing process, there are no worries for allergies or adverse reactions to something foreign in the body.

A High-Quality Laser Bio-Simulation System to Improve Health


The CureWave Laser bio-simulation system can improve your range of motion, decrease your inflammation, and improve your quality of life. Chronic conditions or injuries could take more treatments, but with each treatment, the patient will experience improvements; able to do be more physically active, improve sleep patterns, reduce pharmaceutical dependency, and improve quality of life.

A 15-minute to 30-minute session is all it takes to deliver relief across three sessions per week initially, and as needed based on the patients’ improvements. To find out if your condition would benefit from CureWave Laser therapy, click here.


The CureWave Laser was designed to benefit patients with a strong, deep, broad, and consistent laser stimulus. By elevating the performance rating of this carefully developed laser energy, the CureWave Laser system provides patients with various benefits, which photobiomodulation has proven, including:

Stimulates cell growth
Increases vascular activity
Anti-inflammatory action
Increase of metabolic activity
Enhanced nerve function
Reduces pain and scar tissue
Enhances rehabilitation process
CureWave Lasers Chart - no legend

This graph illustrates the effect of different wavelengths of the laser beam on the absorption of infrared light by melanin, hemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin, and water, respectively. High-intensity laser therapy (HILT) devices like CureWave, which function at longer wavelengths (>1280nm), have notably reduced absorption by melanin, hemoglobin, and oxyhemoglobin compared to other HILT devices.

Wavelengths play a critical role in the success rate of laser-light systems such as the CureWave Laser system.

The correct wavelength allows less photons to be absorbed by Melanin, Oxyhemoglobin, and Hemoglobin. This invites a deeper surface penetration to positively influence more soft tissues and muscle regeneration, and wound healing. When you tailor your wavelength to the absorption coefficients, you get a more effective outcome.



Together, let's transform the chronic pain industry

Chronic pain and difficult-to-treat orthopedic conditions will continue to be a prevalent concern. However, there are alternative treatments that don't rely on long-term medications or invasive surgeries. CureWave presents a solution to this problem, making it a compelling option to include CureWave Lasers in your practice's offerings. Our patented and exclusive laser technology has the ability to elevate patient satisfaction, boost practitioner ROI, and pave the way for a brighter future for everyone involved. Take the leap today and discover the benefits for yourself with a complimentary trial of our cutting-edge laser technology.