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Introducing the CureWave Laser System – Offer Meaningful Solutions

Few trends in medicine have made as significant an impact in the 21st century as laser technology has. It’s easy to see why laser systems have taken off. Lasers can painlessly and non-invasively go where scalpels can’t. Lasers can be tuned to strike certain targets while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. But most importantly, lasers can soothe unreachable spots, reduce inflammation-based pain, and aid in the healing process. This is where the CureWave Laser excels above all others.

As a state-of-the-art laser system with industry-leading penetration and nearly countless applications, the CureWave Laser makes a reliable addition to any medical practice, med spa, or senior care home. For recurring and acute sports injuries or chronic pain, few options exist for immediate relief or treatment. What your patients need is an option—something you can offer. 

Like lasers themselves, the CureWave Laser system can go where other tools can’t to deliver meaningful results for patients and maximize ROI for providers. Here’s how.


Something to Offer Where There Was Nothing Before

Medical professionals of all specialties and focuses know how difficult it can be to offer meaningful solutions to certain patients. Chronic pain, inflammation, and acute injuries drive your patients up the wall and you along with them. As more than just orthopedists, senior care nurses, and med spa operators, you’re business people too. Failing to offer the right service at the right moment to the right patient costs everyone involved. 

CureWave Laser treatments can be accomplished in small, unused rooms or even roam to several rooms as a compact and easy-to-move system. Even an 8×5 room off your main waiting area is large enough for CureWave treatments. As an add-on service to physical therapy, sports injury, and other forms of acute or chronic pain treatment, the CureWave Laser gives you something to offer where there was nothing before.

Best of all, when your patients get a touch of genuine relief, they’ll come back time and time again. CureWave Lasers can help medical professionals retain patients, treat patients, and build their patient chart base. 


Versatile & Industry-Leading Technology

For any laser system to work, it needs to penetrate. Blood, bone, muscle, skin, hair, and cartilage all have different effects on the scattering of beam energy and the ultimate efficacy of the laser itself. CureWave Lasers are designed to go where other lasers struggle, achieving meaningful results for patients.

The CureWave Laser delivers greater relief for acute and chronic pain and inflammation issues through proprietary infrared wavelengths. Thanks to these precision wavelengths, the CureWave beam avoids significant absorption when passing through patient skin (melanin) or fluids (hemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin). 

By defusing the beam profile and distancing it from the skin, the system prevents tissue damage and enables healing at a significantly faster rate. With each series of treatments your patients receive, the more constant and potentially life-altering their relief. 

Other CureWave Laser advantages include:

  • Lasers are many times more powerful than other lasers. 
  • Lasers achieve 7-25 times deeper penetration
  • Laser avoids melanin absorption by 400%-650% over other laser systems
  • Laser avoids hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin absorption by 400%-550% over other laser systems


Right to Try

Patients suffering from acute injuries, chronic pain, or chronic inflammation will stop at nothing to find relief—in whole or in part. Disappointment with western medicine has driven some patients to seek eastern alternatives. But at your practice, without an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery, you’re likely to lose a patient’s business for lack of options. CureWave Lasers can close that gap and help you retain patients.

With the passing of the Right to Try Act, patients across the country are probing new advancements in laser technology for something that actually works. By offering the CureWave Laser in your practice, you provide a safety net for patients who may seek alternative treatments elsewhere. As an East-meets-West approach, CureWave Lasers combine the best of both worlds for patients who are looking to try something new.


Genuine Relief, Genuine Medicine

Patients and practitioners alike rely on the CureWave Laser system to go where other lasers can’t and offer meaningful results that can be nearly impossible to find elsewhere. As a practitioner and business owner, you need efficient, cost-effective, loyalty-building technology in your office. The CureWave Laser system can be that technology.

Practitioners can experience the CureWave Laser difference during a trial purchase period. When you work up close and personal with the CureWave Laser, you’ll experience for yourself the differences it can make for patients and your practice.


A Revolutionary Solution for Longstanding Issues: Introducing the CureWave Laser

You don’t have to take our word for the efficacy, versatility, and profitability potential of the CureWave Laser system. Try it for yourself with an in office demonstration or free product trial. For more information on the CureWave Laser system and its numerous applications or state-of-the-art technology, call us at 214-394-8898 or send us a message.